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The End of an Era // 2.2

Posted on: 2/2/14

After quite a lot of deliberation... like, literally years of thought... I've finally decided to create a website, which will be the new home of my SEABLANKET blog. I am so thankful to those of you who have stuck by me through all of the self-discovery and maturing that I've done over the past 5 years here, but it's time I move on. Please visit my new website and blog here: 

Thank you for everything 

brash // 2.1

Posted on: 2/1/14

Impressions // 1.29

Posted on: 1/29/14

I picked up these noteable purchases from my January travels, and I'm delighted to have found them.It's time to start maturing my wardrobe, and these simple pieces will be a good foundation for the rest to follow.
I visited so many wonderful brick and mortar shops, but the following really made an impression:
totokaelo, seattle / wildfang, portland / glasswing, seattle / melrose market, seattle / quin candy, portland

eyes wide shut // 1.28

Posted on: 1/28/14

I finally returned home from my 3 week vacation to Oregon / Washington, and it feels strange. I was getting used to living out of a suitcase, and in many ways I think it's put so much of my life into perspective.

I can't quite explain what changed, except for everything. I've met so many wonderful new people, shared food, laughter, drinks, stories and views with them and they've taught me things without even trying. My husband and I have bonded over new dreams and opened our eyes to realities. I've made lists and I'm checking things off, slowly and one by one.

This year is going to be strongly rooted in progress. Not necessarily the achievement or accomplishment of one big thing, but the forward progress of working towards a dream, and making strong steps in a positive direction.

"Until your dream becomes more important to you than your fear of rejection, you will never succeed"

now ... all I need is courage. 

Forest Park. Portland OR // 1.21

Posted on: 1/21/14

totokaelo // 1.11

Posted on: 1/10/14

i'm officially obsessed with this incredible Seattle shop. totokaelo has my heart. go, shop, enjoy!

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